FIFA World Cup Games 33, 34, 35 and 36

View from 1000 SW Broadway, Portland

I somehow left my notes on today’s games at the office. Dang, because I’m sure I had some real nuggets in there. I’m loving all the soccer comment spam I’ve been getting. Like I really believe they find these articles interesting. How about this: did you hear Messi and Tevez want to reform Oasis? Maybe I can run my fingers through their hair with a little Wonderwall playing in the background.

(Oh, and resist the urge to tell me about Turdpress’s Whosit that will deal with spam, that’s not the point here.)

I did get manage to get home with this ad I tore out of the AAA magazine for “quality tools at ridiculously low prices.” Even if there were tools I needed I would never get around to figuring out how to use them but these coupons are so awesome — a reciprocating saw with rotating handle for $19.99 — I don’t even know what that is but how can I pass that up? I don’t think that’s proper sentence but I’d really like to watch the highlights show before I go to bed so we’re going to let it stand.

Plus I still need to do my words for the beg-a-thon and take care of some other household stuff.

Here’s another thighlights gallery this time featuring Portugal.

Non-Soccer Item

Also here’s an NPR story about Orleans and the Karuk Tribe: FCC Eyes Broadband For Indian Reservations

Many tribal communities around the United States are in remote, rural areas. Humboldt County, Calif., is home to several tribes — among them the Karuk.

In the small community of Orleans, Calif., the Karuk make up a quarter of the population of just under 1,000 people.

The tribe’s IT officer, Chris Kleeman, says they even have a hard time getting phone service. “We lose our regular telephones, including 911, hundreds of times each year,” Kleeman says. Last July alone, they lost phone service about 250 times, he says.

Bari Talley in the story is my cousin. <3

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