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30 Day Countdown to 50

I’m going to guess that this photo is from 2000 on this trip at Filmpark Babelsberg.

When I was looking for an image to use today I found a ginormous folder filled with more folders of random scanned images. Of the items that are labeled, they are called things like: “family scans” “more family scans” and “miscellaneous scans” and it goes on forever. I have no idea how I managed to hide this from myself.

I’m equally itching to start organizing and wanting to drag the whole thing to the trash.

I mentioned before I have a major birthday this year and today the final countdown begins. In the waning days of my 40’s I will be drinking hot cocoa, watching mystery shows and going to bed early. Don’t worry, I’m not going to post about it.

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Do The Right Thing

Yesterday I was downtown waiting to cross the street at a fairly busy intersection.

A giant fire truck came roaring up and everybody stopped and waited.

I have to say that in the bigger scheme of things, I’ve lost a lot of faith in mankind. Spend 5 seconds online and it’s hard not to conclude that the world is dominated by selfish and mean-spirited people.

And having said that, it’s little moments like this that restore my faith in people. All the cars stopped. All the pedestrians waited.

The fire truck paused at the intersection to make sure everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing so it could go through. (I have to add that the driver looked like he was twelve.)

So here I was admiring my fellow man for being so cooperative and then a car making a left, seeing his opportunity since the pedestrians weren’t crossing, went to make his turn, just as the fire truck was making a giant left turn around all the cars.

For a few seconds it looked hairy.

Then the twelve year old laid on the horn and let me tell you, if you are standing a few feet away from a fire truck hitting the horn the sound will peel the paint off your chest.

Car stopped and truck went to save the day so I am not able to provide photos of a fire truck fender bender.

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When the Morning Cries And You Don’t Know Why

The guys first time wearing their new third kits.

I’m still too traumatized to talk about the game last night so I’ll tell you about the guy who sat next to me.

There’s something like 12,000 season tickets. I think most of the tickets around us are season tickets but there is only a handful of people who go to all the games like we do.

Three guys I’ve never met before sat in the seats next to us. They were kinda rowdy, especially the guy next to me, we’ll call him Jason, who was loud. Jason told me he normally sits with Army and how he was all hardcore and apologized and said he liked to be noisy.

I told him I was happy to have a rowdy guy next to me because I yell quite a bit myself. We also took note that there was a kid in the row in front of us and adjusted our cheers accordingly.

At one point Jason pointed to one of the Timbers and said: That’s the news guy. He’s from Cameroon.

Me: Actually, that’s Palmer. He’s from Jamaica.

Jason: Oh. I guess it is Palmer.

Later in the game he pointed to a different player and said: That’s the new guy. From Cameroon.

Me: That’s Jean-Baptiste. He’s from New Jersey.

Jason: What a coincidence. I’m from New Jersey.

(I just checked the bio and it says Jean-Baptiste was born in Brooklyn. So I was wrong, too, but at least I had the right country and even the right general area.)

Me: Songo’o is the one from Cameroon.

(We have a guy on our team with an apostrophe O in his name. Is that awesome or what?)

Then, when a bad thing happened near the end of the game, Jason stood up and said, “We’re leaving. I am not enjoying this.” And they left.

What a big fat soul-patched lemon-in-his-hefeweizen ironic-eyewear fair-weather faker! He better not show up in my section again.

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I’ll Stop the World and Melt With You

Last night I spent 20 minutes online trying to figure out how to update Verizon with my new credit card. I had to go through multiple security hoops again and again. I couldn’t find what I was supposed to do and it just kept kicking me back where I’d already been. I gave up.

I went to the Verizon store today and almost cried when she pointed me to the computer kiosk which she said was the only place I could do this. Seriously Verizon, how tough is it supposed to be for people to pay you?

She ran me through the same multiple security hoops. I entered my password at least 4 times and my fresh unfrauded credit card 4 times. She couldn’t get it to work either.

She was madly texting her the powers-that-be about what a pain-in-the-ass this was (or texting her Valentine’s date about how badly she couldn’t wait for this day to be over) and finally told me to try again at home and if it didn’t work to just call and do it over the phone.

I finally had to close my auto-bill pay and then reopen with the new card. Because if I were in charge, that’s exactly the way I would set it up.

Then I tried to update my Paypal and it would let me add the new card but not delete the old card. You know, the one that’s canceled. (Thanks for nothing hippiedippies.) I’m dreading updating anything else. Credit cards expire every few years, shouldn’t this be a simple process?

Finally, I made my sweetheart truffles today and I could not shape them to save my life. They were too cold and square and as I squeezed them in my hands they just melted on me. It was (surprisingly) not a satisfying experience. They taste great but I wish they were prettier. Luckily, he still loves me.

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The Miracle Dress

I can’t remember if I ever wrote about this before. This is the magic dress. I wish I could take a better picture but you get the idea.

This dress is at least 10 years old but it still looks great. No snags or pilling. Hasn’t faded a bit. Hasn’t stretched out all ugly.

It is a comfortable material that hangs just right. It can be worn in winter with wool tights and a sweater. It can be worn in summer with sandals. It can be dressed up with nice shoes and a fancy necklace.

It can be balled up at the bottom of the suitcase and then shook out and will look fine.

It goes in the washer and dryer.

Someone should find out what this material is and makes it in 30 colors and come up with some different dress styles and and then sit back and watch the money fly in. If you are a person who wears dresses, believe me, you want this.

I got it from Coldwater Creek. I was talking about it to someone and she said she had a similar dress from The Territory Ahead.

I wrote the above post yesterday and it was ready to go I just had bunch of things going in the kitchen so I didn’t get to it. Then we had this thing with our power that I don’t want to get into but it was dark in all the corners and I turned off the computer to deal with later. That problem is patched up for now and we’re keeping an eye on it.

Meanwhile, I found a strange charge on our credit card which a problem still in process. I found it yesterday and the only reason I did was because I actually did order something over 2 weeks ago and still haven’t seen it. I wanted to check and see if they charged me before I inquired about what the hold up was. They did not. But I found the fraudulent charge – so I guess lucky I spotted it before it turned into a hot tub or plane tickets to Peru. I know I feel lucky.

I waited to ask Bob about it just in case it was something he bought because it makes sense that my husband would buy something from a sports nutrition company in Florida. (What’s the deal with Florida? Last time we had credit card fraud the purchases were from companies in Florida.) It wouldn’t make sense at all. In fact, he uses a different card for his personal stuff. I’m ready to take care of it today and, of course, everything is closed. The credit card place has a phone thing you can use to block your card so hopefully that’s real and not just something to trick people like me into not being worked into an anxious frazzle.

Last time this happened was was about 7 years ago and the credit card place made me file a police report which I had to go pick up in person. What a fabulous use of taxpayer resources. I hope they have a new system now.

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The Ten Chins of NW Portland

Bob and I went to see William Gibson at Powell’s this week. We’ve been to lots of popular readings here so we know the drill. We get there at least an hour early and take turns browsing while one of us saves the seats.

The crowd was total Portlandia and Bob wanted to take a picture of me writing in my notebook with a guy in a kilt in the background.

He took one and showed me the shot and said, “This turned out pretty good.”

Me: (as you read imagine the shrillest voice possible) OMIGOD! I have ten chins in that photo! Look at all those chins! Delete! Delete! Delete!

Him: Sheesh. I’m deleting. Relax already.

He then had to retry several variations while I casually posed with my chin(s) jutted out to minimize their numbers. This one is still a tad chinny but not bad.

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Wonderin’ If I’ll Sleep

What was going on last night? I woke up at 1am, completely wide awake. I flopped around a little bit. Bob was too asleep to be entertaining. I was so hopelessly awake I finally got up and fiddled on the computer and then read a book. At 3:30am I reasoned I must be tired by now and went back to bed and flopped around for another hour. I woke up at 7am. I don’t understand how I can be so wide awake in the middle of the night.

This morning I finally got around to pinning some pants I need to hem. I always hem my pants a little too short. I don’t do it on purpose and each time I remind myself: don’t hem them too short. Then I hem them and wear a few times and launder and notice, huh, these are kinda short. I’m sure I’ve been the subject of scorn and ridicule numerous times from the Properly Hemmed Pants Patrol.

The other thing is I have super short legs so if I end up with regulars there is tons of fabric in the length and I never cut it. I just fold it all up. I have giant hems in some of my pants.

The pants I worked on this morning must have been made for circus people who wear stilts (and wear dry clean only work slacks for their performances). If I don’t trim it the hem will be close to 7 inches. I’m tempted to leave it but I think I’ll trim this pair. But first I have to make sure they aren’t too short.

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Out of Key With Your Sky


Earlier this week I had a lunch date. I locked the office on my way out and noticed that my keychain looked weird. It seemed smaller. I kept looking at it trying to figure out what bauble had fallen off.

Oh. My car key.

I had a brief panic attack because OMG I lost my car key! What am I going to do?

When I got back to the office I cleaned everything out of my purse and backpack and shook them out. I checked all my pockets in my coat and all the folds of my clothes. I searched around the office but it was gone.

This happened once before. The top part of the key is plastic and the plastic broke. Only that time found out because the key was in my hand and the keychain at the bottom of my purse.

I knew we had spare keys at home but Bob was going to be home late. I left him a message to ask if might modify his plan to meet me at the park-n-ride with a key. Then I remembered that even if he couldn’t meet me, there’s a local bus that I could catch at the park-n-ride that would get me within reasonable walking distance of the house. All was not lost.

Then I remembered that two offices ago we had tandem parking so everyone had to keep an extra car key in a little dish by the door. I still have the little dish in the back of a drawer. I found it and it had an AAA battery, some gummy hard candy, a broken binder clip, and my spare key.

That solved the immediate problem. Once I got home I checked around and we had a total of 4 spare keys, but they were all valet keys. We could probably live with valet keys except the trunk latch in the car is cranky and won’t work about every 1 out of 3 times so it wasn’t a permanent solution.

I finally called Toyota. My car is a 2001 with 98K miles on it. It runs fine but it’s at the age where every time I bring it in there’s something. I’ll tell them, “That funny little handle is wiggly,” and they tell me they’ll check it out and then I get a call, “That funny little handle is what holds the car together, we need to fix it, $400.”

There was no reason to be optimistic about the key. I was sure they were going to tell me to just buy a new car or else get a crowbar for opening the trunk and after that use a bungee to keep it shut.

Turns out all you need is your VIN and $5. It took me longer to drive over there than to make the keys. (Of course I bought a bale of them.)

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I’m in the process of updating my webcrap. I couldn’t finish today (long rant omitted) and I had to go back to my old theme or whatever b/c then new one does that thing where I’m supposed to click on every single post to open it up and find out what the hell it says. (I’m trying to find some stuff in the archives for my holiday wrap up). I can’t wait until I’m in charge of everything because things will be a lot less stupid.

Also, I think every youngster who designed one of the many tutorials and wizards I had to do today should have to sit next to me while I do it. They would be designed a lot better.

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Catastrophic Failure Part II

Nope, I take it back. I was not being too dramatic yesterday. This whole thing went tragically bad. I basically lit $390 on fire. Actually, lighting it on fire might have been more fun. Good things: got to hang out with lots of cool friends and have fun joking around and they were all supportive and encouraging even in the face of every single person I talked to hating it. By the last guy I was almost laughing and when he pointed out what was wrong with that I said, “Yeah, you aren’t the first person to notice that this weekend but I didn’t think I should tip my cards before I sat down.”

So, what next? I. Don’t. Know.

My decision is to not make any decisions until after Labor Day. Until then I’m going to enjoy summer and do fun writing (meaning just fool around and not try to work on a project). After Labor Day I’ll sit down and decide whether to work more on this thing or start something new or take a class or talk to Lewis & Clark about law school.

Meanwhile, I’m off to a movie.

Oh, and last night Bob and I watched a SPECTACULAR movie: Barbarian Invasions. It’s a foreign film and I won’t summarize it because it will sound too depressing and you won’t want to see but really, fantastic characters and a very well-wrought emotional story. We loved it.

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