Technology Is My Friend

Guess who turned 50 today? Julian Lennon and Donita Sparks.

Since I’m turning 50 this year I’m paying attention to other people who are turning 50 this year. On several occasions I’ve made half-hearted attempts to collect information on people and things turning 50 thinking I could do something “hey, 50 is happening” with it. (ex: “Hey, The Birds is 50.”) But then it seems overwhelming and kind-of depressing.

We’ll see how I rally when the day comes.

So, that weird noise you heard last week?

That was me getting a smart phone. Now there are only 12 people left in the whole world who don’t have one.

I’ve had good reasons for not wanting on. I don’t need another gadget that I don’t know how to work. I hate having a full time distraction device that I can carry with me. I think it’s a ridiculous amount of money that I could use for something else.

I caved so I can tweet at Timbers games.

That’s not the entire reason. Also, peer pressure.

We were having burgers before the reserves match yesterday and I was catching up on Twitter and I said, “Hey, now we’re those people who look at their phone at the restaurant instead of talking to each other.”

It was a major milestone.

I still barely know how it works. I got up to page 30 in the 338 page super guide I bought before I got tired of looking at a book about a phone. I realized this morning that I still don’t know how to make or receive calls but since then I’ve gotten two robo-calls and turns out I could do it without the superguide.

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