Anniversary Teacup

When my sister and I were fairly young, we bought my parents two teacups for their wedding anniversary.

There was this fancy store in the shopping area where my Mom did her grocery shopping. It was the kind of place where you bought crystal bowls for wedding gifts.

I don’t know how I got the idea but I decided we were going to do this so we scraped together our cash and went to the store and picked out two fancy teacups.

One broke so there’s only this one left.

The person on the staff who helped us was very nice and I remember thinking at the time that we were so hot-shit grown-up buying fancy gifts at a fancy store. I’m sure they were amused.

The reason I bring it up now is my parents recently celebrated their 54th (?) wedding anniversary and my sister arranged for them to get a fancy room at hotel in Ashland, Or. where they were going to see a play.

When my Mom thanked me, she mentioned the teacups. She said she asked my sister why we picked this pattern and my sister replied, “They were the cheapest ones.”

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