Do The Right Thing

Yesterday I was downtown waiting to cross the street at a fairly busy intersection.

A giant fire truck came roaring up and everybody stopped and waited.

I have to say that in the bigger scheme of things, I’ve lost a lot of faith in mankind. Spend 5 seconds online and it’s hard not to conclude that the world is dominated by selfish and mean-spirited people.

And having said that, it’s little moments like this that restore my faith in people. All the cars stopped. All the pedestrians waited.

The fire truck paused at the intersection to make sure everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing so it could go through. (I have to add that the driver looked like he was twelve.)

So here I was admiring my fellow man for being so cooperative and then a car making a left, seeing his opportunity since the pedestrians weren’t crossing, went to make his turn, just as the fire truck was making a giant left turn around all the cars.

For a few seconds it looked hairy.

Then the twelve year old laid on the horn and let me tell you, if you are standing a few feet away from a fire truck hitting the horn the sound will peel the paint off your chest.

Car stopped and truck went to save the day so I am not able to provide photos of a fire truck fender bender.

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