The Power of My Cheerfulness

Every morning I smile and say good morning to the bus driver and he never smiles or says good morning back.

It’s like the ultimate challenge now, each morning, trying to relay how sincere and meaningful my morning greeting is and hoping to wear him down. He will good morning me one of these days.

He doesn’t look like a typical grumpy bus driver. He’s younger than I am and looks like the mild-mannered guy you’d see coaching his kid’s basketball team.

For awhile we were getting a different bus driver every couple of days. I like the range of personalities from the crazy cowboy drivers and my favorite driver who I have in the afternoons sometimes who gives us the weather and traffic report and asks if the environment is okay and then suggests that we relax while he gets us to the park-n-ride.

A couple of weeks ago I ended up taking a later morning bus and the bus driver was great, doing some tricky shortcuts. I arrived at the office at 8:01am. I’m tempted to switch to that bus and get a little extra sleep but I’m not sure if he can do that every day.

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