Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 11:39:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: Pamela Rentz
Subject: Hollywood on the Havel

Monday night -- 8:10 pm Berlin, back at the Website Cafe.

Already been dicking with this machine for 20 minutes so my patience is thin. I've got dead addresses for [email protected] and Cousin Ruth and accidentally deleted Rhonnda. If you know any of these people and can be responsible for forwarding, please do. I pay by the hour when I log on and don't really have time to do much problem solving. Also can someone resend last message to Martha?

I just read thru the emails I had, real quick -- so you know,I can get messages if you send.

The first terminal I sat at, the space bar was broken -- like I don't have enough problems. The time delay is sucky tonight, it wasn't that bad yesterday. Makes this process excruciating.

Tomorrow at 1:45 we leave for Prague. It's been great here. Today was the craziest day -- we went to the Filmpark at Babelsberg. It's this super low rent theme park, like Universal Studios meets Storybookland at Disneyland.

We hadn't planned on it but ended up spending the entire day there. They have a studio tram tour -- this mini tram thing drives over a muddy, rutted road through a field of weeds and what I think was the back lot and the lady talked forever, all in German of course. The best part of the whole thing was the stunt show in the volcano. Bob and I laughed our boodinis off. I wasn't clear on the narrative but apparently there was this nutty professor who invented something that these bad guys, dressed like the Backstreet Boys, wanted to steal. They were led by this Nina Hagen lady in a cat lady shiny outfit.

The good guys were this Jennifer Anniston lookalike wearing army pants and a sports bra and a Rupert Everet look alike. The show involved 30 minutes of nonstop shooting, fighting, driving around in circles, explosions, falling off things and heavy metal music. It was really incredible and we would have gone to see it again if they would have had a 2nd showing. Instead, they have another stunt show in a different tiny venue with the same cast except Nina Hagen was conspicuously absent. They crashed more cars, shot, exploded things. It was great. Also -- the exact same music -- that blasphemous Puffy remake of Kashmir remade again in German.

Filmpark Babelsberg

Weather report: it's been real decent -- 70's but humid and a couple of gnarly thundershowers. Today it was cooler. I finallz had a Knopper todaz -- every time I found a Hanuta the store would be closed. A Knopper-Hanuta is this insanely yummy cookie thing with wafery cookie and hazelnut filling and oreo type filling.

Long live the strong dollar. We had an incredible Italian meal tonight with a pizza, plate of pasta, salad, and three refreshing adult beverages for thirty bucks.

Tomorrow is our first train day. Wish us luck. Will check in from Prague as access permits.

Thanks to everyone who has sent a note.

love you,


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