Catastrophic Failure Part II

Nope, I take it back. I was not being too dramatic yesterday. This whole thing went tragically bad. I basically lit $390 on fire. Actually, lighting it on fire might have been more fun. Good things: got to hang out with lots of cool friends and have fun joking around and they were all supportive and encouraging even in the face of every single person I talked to hating it. By the last guy I was almost laughing and when he pointed out what was wrong with that I said, “Yeah, you aren’t the first person to notice that this weekend but I didn’t think I should tip my cards before I sat down.”

So, what next? I. Don’t. Know.

My decision is to not make any decisions until after Labor Day. Until then I’m going to enjoy summer and do fun writing (meaning just fool around and not try to work on a project). After Labor Day I’ll sit down and decide whether to work more on this thing or start something new or take a class or talk to Lewis & Clark about law school.

Meanwhile, I’m off to a movie.

Oh, and last night Bob and I watched a SPECTACULAR movie: Barbarian Invasions. It’s a foreign film and I won’t summarize it because it will sound too depressing and you won’t want to see but really, fantastic characters and a very well-wrought emotional story. We loved it.

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