Catatrophic Failure

Okay, that’s a little dramatic. But today’s trip to the writers conference was not optimal and it’s kind of ironic since I wasn’t even planning on going and sort of talked myself into it at the last minute (before the prices went up.) I should have known I was in trouble when I put on my nice slacks this morning and they had some bizarre crap on them … I think it came from the iron. That’ll teach me to iron (something I only do once or twice a year). I also ironed my hair which was a hopeless gesture since it rained like nobody’s business for half the day and I went from my straight look to my curly look in mere moments. But back to the slacks — I’m not a clothes horse to begin with. I only have about 3 decent outfits and here it was the last minute and I had to make a switch.

From there I drove to the conference and the organizers moved to a new location this year and I don’t think I’m alone when I tell you this is a miserable mistake. At 8am there was no parking. Nothing. This doesn’t have to be a problem but you’d think they’d have someone in the parking lot to direct you to an overflow lot or something but no. I went through various scenarios like parking in the airport longterm but then I’d have to hike a couple miles back in the pouring rain with no raincoat or umbrella (these are two things that are *always* in my car … why not today?). Then I thought to pay regular airport parking prices and take the Max to the hotel but no Max stop anywhere near the hotel. I finally parked awkwardly and illegally like others were doing.

Then no one could find my name tag. Another line. I did see my friends like Marc, Mark, Myra, Susan and Bill — so I had people to chat with. I’m pitching a horror movie and my first guy didn’t like it and asked what else I had and I pitched Little Friday and he asked to see that. (Ironic note: last year most of the people I pitched to didn’t like Little Friday and when I told them about the new one — which was only a scrap of an idea at the time — wanted to see that.) My 2nd pitch was a spectacular tank and the third one went well. I came straight home and began to guzzle refreshing adult beverages.

I logged on to see what’s been happening with Big Brother and now I’m going to eat and watch a Freaks & Geeks. I get to go back tomorrow.

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