Laugh at me all you want but I’m telling you, Big Brother 5 is the most entertaining thing on TV this summer. I tried to watch Amazing Race b/c everyone seems to like it and Brian worked on it but, honestly, watching people run around in a hurry trying to catch planes and find their way around foreign lands was TOO stressful for me. I have enough anxiety in my life, I don’t need to voluntarily add any more. Meanwhile, BB5 is a bunch of people stuck in one place — perfect for my inner-introvert. (Is my introvert even “inner” isn’t it just me?) So everyone has been in the BB house for 5 weeks and the twist is they’ve had this set of twins playing and swapping out every couple days and if they made it to tonight without anyone discovering they were twins, then both twins would get to play in the house. So it was the big reveal and it was the best thing I’ve seen all summer. If you’ve been watching the show, you know about these jerky guys — like the worst egocentric, too much testosterone, too full of themselves guys on the planet and they’ve been in control and full of themselves, and tonight one got voted out and then they lost the head of household competition. I was screaming my head off. Then their faces when the twin thing was revealed. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Then Bob and I watched another Freaks and Geeks which is such a great show and never should have been cancelled. Every single episode contains a moment that is so painful you squirm in your seat and want to leave the room. Tonight Nick has Lindsay over and he punched in an 8-track of Styx “Lady” b/c the song said things he couldn’t say himself. It was CLASSIC.

Meanwhile, Willamette Writers Conference starts tomorrow and I need to be there bright and early. I’m attending FRI and SAT and this year I’m doing 6 meetings for my latest project. Think good thoughts for me.

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