I Can’t Believe I Wrote a Post in the Second Person

Things you can do on Sunday when you aren’t working your ass off on a terrible screenplay: sleep in, start reading The True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey that you got for xmas, and read a story called “Winky” in a collection by George Saunders called Pastoralia. Do the reading before you even get out of bed. Go to the Heathman in Vancouver for breakfast, read 3 back Sunday New York Times plus today’s Times and Oregonian. Work in the garden including cleaning up the Dahlias that the storm knocked down. Wash the sheets, vacuum and dust. Start watching a movie called S.W.A.T. with Colin Farrell because you had it mixed up with The Recruit with Colin Farrell. Quit the movie after 15 minutes because it’s dreadful and start Army of Darkness because it’s Sam Raimi and it’s the director’s cut but give up after about 30 minutes because you aren’t into the camp today. Check the live feeds at the Big Brother house almost every hour. Review the problem with your health insurance (crooks! Possibly more on this story later) and then stop after becoming totally agitated. Start to clean up the pile of pages from the screenplay and consider recycling them all (violently) then reconsidering and putting in a pile in a box in the garage in the off chance that you will feel like looking at it again after the sting wears off. Clean out the refrigerator, cook beets from the garden and enjoy kitchen time as soon as you’re done updating your blog.

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