Keeps Getting Better

I looked it up and 2006 was the first time I posted every day in November for National Blog Posting Month. Here’s the beginning of that month.

I didn’t read through all my posts but skimmed them. So many things have changed. For one thing, I think my photos have gotten better

It feels like time goes by fast but 10 years ago was a long time. Well, technically, 9 years.

Since 06 I’ve started my current job, I went to the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop, and I fell in love with the Portland Timbers. I love my job. I’ve written a ton of stuff and still keep in touch with my Clarion friends. I still love the Timbers.

Book goes live on Thursday. Links are here. I’m working on a bunch of new stuff so more of something in the future.

I also have to link to this post from Nov 2006 because in it I complain about the Woo! girl who is the person who ends up behind us at every concert in history and screams Woo! all night long. We went to see Patti Smith last weekend although it was not a real concert, it was a book reading and she performed a few songs. This time the Woo! girl was in front of us. She’s aged really well and I appreciated her devotion to Patti and felt a lot of affection for her this time around. Later I saw her bum a cigarette off of someone outside The Hilton.

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