New Dobie Day

You guys can’t even fathom what a mess my photos are. They’re organized by year and general topic (“garden” “Timbers” “random”) but after that the system breaks down fast. Plus I take a million pictures of one thing, for example going after the perfect shot of a pumpkin, and then I never want to delete any unless they’re super blurry.

Like there may be some point in the future that I haven’t imagined where I need a selection of 700 pumpkin photos. I keep promising myself I’m going to sit down and prune the file and then organize better but I get so overwhelmed.

I periodically take photos of products I like so I can write about them and then never get around to writing about them.

This is the only one I could find. It’s a kitchen scrubber called a Dobie. I love Dobies. If we ever have less than 2 boxes (I buy the boxes of 3) I get anxious and have to buy a new box the next time I’m at the market. The Dobie is great for scrubbing your icky stuff off your dishes.

I don’t mind washing dishes. I don’t mind washing dishes at other people’s houses. But they must have a Dobie or at least a scrubber brush. I’m mystified sometimes how people scrub their dishes when there is nothing in the sink area for scrubbing. Then I do mind doing dishes.

I should have taken one out of the box for better illustration.

I will add that I’m not sure what my husband does when I’m not around but sometimes I will put a fresh Dobie out (Celebrate new Dobie day!) and only a few days later it will look like it was used to clean up an accident scene. That’s why I like to have so many on hand.

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