These Are The Bulbs You’ve Been Dreaming Of

I keep mistyping that as blubs and not wanting to change it.

I pulled myself together and did some yard clean up yesterday. I barely made a dent in the work. I decided to go ahead and dig up couple of the bulb wads that looked like they were out of control.

This is just 2 but they kinda came apart when I pulled them out and then I made one big pile with them.

I needed something for scale. Does the bucket work?

After these photos I used the sprayer to get the worst of the mud off of them and then dragged them into the shop. I’m sure they will become moldy and/or freeze and die but I’m not really set up to dismantle bulb wads the size of compact cars. Plus I was wet and my hands were ice cubes and I wanted to be finished.

It’s supposed to be “warm” today – maybe 50 degrees and there’s plenty more to do so I’m going to try to clean up some other stuff.

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