New Office

Reception Area
New Office

These photos are all when we very first walked in the door on the first day. The previous tenants left us a few bits of furniture. These donations represent about 75 of our total furniture. We did get some office chairs.

This is the reception area. We don’t have a receptionist but the phone is named Alice.

We’re planning on putting a TV and couch behind that desk. We might already have a donation.

The door to the left is the conference room. I keep calling it the hot-tub room. We need a conference room table and chairs for all our many conferences.

My Office

This is my room. We swapped this tiny desk for the larger desk in the photo above. I also have 2 giant filing cabinets that you can’t see in the photo. I’ve got most of my stuff moved in but really need to organize better.

Today we got our copier/fax/scanner/printer/space shuttle launch center delivered and installed. That’s been the biggest obstacle to getting anything productive done. Picture your office life without the ability to print. What can you do?

His Office

This is my assistant’s office. Ha! He can start his own blog if he wants to set the record straight. I should put his name here in case his stalkers are looking for him. But I won’t.

We had our first solicitor today. I’m a little confused because he wanted to sell me office supplies but didn’t have a card and said he was from Boston and just visiting town for training. Training in cold-calling? Maybe I should see if my wallet is still in my purse.

Tomorrow I’m going back to the old office to wrap up a few last details. Then I need to get rolling on the new stuff.

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