Bicycle Races Are Coming Your Way

Last week on Wednesday night, when we were on our trip, there was an Indian taco feed. We gave our orders to BG and she and a crew picked them up and everyone came over to Mom and Dad’s house and we crammed on the porch for dinner. Originally I thought someone was having a fund raiser but turns out it was two women who didn’t have a job and wanted to make some money. Good for us. No one had to cook.

It was a fun dinner and I took some lovely photos which are still sitting in the viewer, waiting to be lovingly tweaked, cropped and uploaded. Soon.

The next night was the surprise baby shower for Meredith. Remember the wedding in Reno in May? I didn’t find out about the shower until I was already in Orleans which is not know for its shopping options. The nearest major store is at least a 1 1/2 hour drive away.

I quickly knit the baby an adorable outfit which drew oohs and awws from the crowd. Not really. I don’t know how to knit and would like to learn but I barely have time for the things I want to do now. I actually subscribed to a sewing magazine because I thought I was going to get into that. I’ve read each issue cover to cover and really look forward to sewing someday. But I’m getting off my story.

Luckily, I had brought a teeny little something which wasn’t really supposed to be the baby gift. It was something we had that I wanted to give to them. Mom and I wrapped it in tissue and Mom found a card in a drawer somewhere so at least we didn’t have to arrive empty handed.

Meanwhile, while we’re at the shower, we find out that the kids have been invited to play music for some bikers. Sophie was practicing piano down at the school or church or community center. I’m not sure. Maybe all of those. It’s a small town and this is one of the main meeting spots for events. Someone from the biker group heard her play and thought it would be nice entertainment for the group.

Earlier in the day when we went swimming we saw all these people on bikes on the road. They are part of a bicycle club and their itinerary is here.

After the baby shower and sausage feed that Bob and Flori and maybe also Uncle Barry, I wasn’t paying attention, made for us, we all jumped in a half dozen cars and caravaned into town to watch the kids play.

It was amazing. The club had brought in all this infrastructure like a portable shower truck and potty truck and there were tents all over the place. It looked like a fun thing to do. Well, if you like riding bicycles and I do not.

Inside the room was packed and quiet while the kids played. They have a string ensemble and their Mom plays the flute — it’s very von Trapp family. I asked if I could sew them some outfits from curtains. They sounded fantastic. I stood in the back and a man leaned over and said to my Aunt, “Aren’t those kids beautiful?” and my Aunt said, “Those are my grandchildren.” We were all so proud.

Meanwhile, I’m going on night three of I N S O M N I A. My sweetheart has been in Seattle for a work related training and I have one more night before I get him back. Hard to believe I have trouble sleeping without the snoring lump of mammal.

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