“I ate 6 tacos today. Anything could happen.”

I just read in the paper that there’s going to be a Macaroni and Cheese cookoff in September. How I can be a judge for this contest?

Last night I sat on the DVR remote and accidentally hit the “lock” button. I didn’t even know a lock button existed and there was much frantic pressing of buttons, buttons in combination, power on/off-ing and changing of batteries and changing of batteries again while pulling my hair out because all I wanted to do was have a quiet relaxing evening and catch up on a few shows and not get into some sort of problem solving with a broken remote. Also I couldn’t control my DVR in any way and I hate the sound of the television unless I am sitting in front of it watching it. I had to turn it off with my show (The 4400) still running. Several wads of hair later, I learned of the existence of a lock button. Press and unlock and rewind. All was well with the world again.

I never learn anything more about technology than what I need to get the job done. No doubt there are all kinds of short cuts and tricks to make technology more useful that I’m too lazy or too stupid to learn. Even if someone says, “hey, look at this great feature” I will be, “That’s so handy. Thanks for showing me,” then five seconds later I can’t remember how to do it.

In the last post before the trip I mentioned that waterers had disappeared. They turned up about a half hour before we left for our get together. And they did a great job. Just in case you were worried.

Also right before we left we saw Patti Smith at The Bite of Portland which was fabulous. There are some good photos, not by me, here. The bummer was that we arrived a wee bit late and had eaten before we got there (because of the get together) so we totally missed out on the food which looked great. We took a quick tour through the booths before making our way to the stage. I’m sure you will drop your teeth when I tell you that, yet again, we were right next to a huge group of people talking loudly, over the music, during Patti’s set. What is wrong with people? This was a huge event. There were beer gardens and tables all over the place. Why would you park your butt 10 feet from the stage to talk? I think it should be legal to assault these people.

A lady did chew them out and they rolled their eyes and then wandered off for a bit although they did return later but didn’t talk as loud. I bet they spent the next day bragging about how awesome Patti was at the Bite. And she was. Favorite quote, “I ate 6 tacos today. Anything could happen.”

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