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I Found the Letters

When I transferred photos from the camera card for the photo intended for today, I found the photo of my stack of letters that I mentioned a couple of days ago.

I had another story I was going to tell but now I can’t remember. Something to look forward to tomorrow.

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Goodness. I thought I’d add some other tidbit that I learned to this photo and it was taking too long to remember how to do it. At least I did a selection on a cat.

Also great news, there is another class just for layer masks and selections. Seeing as how it’s only taken me 6 months to get through half the course I’m working on now, I should be masking and selecting like a champion in another 3-5 years.

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This is Millie. I tried to practice the Photoshop selections tutorial using photos of cats and met with terrible failure. I did better with Millie. Right now I’m exaggerating the steps to help me understand it better.

My poor little brain has reached saturation on Photoshop for this weekend. I think I need a whole separate course just for layer masks because I’m having a tough time with it.

Did you see this NYT story about the 77 year old lady who learned PowerPoint?

“Suddenly I discovered heaven,” said Mrs. del Castillo de Rumié.

It’s a great story.

I’m going to keep practicing my selections and posting for your amusement.

It’s not warm, but it’s sunny so I’m considering going out and poking around the yard. I think I saw some daffodil nubbins

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Softest Bed Ever

I’m finally working on my online Photoshop class again. I think I crossed the halfway point by now and we’re doing fun things and not just learning to adjust the rulers and change the workspace. Today we’re learning all about the layers menu.

We’ve been in our current office for over 5 years now. At least 2-3 times a month we were getting a letter from Comcast addressed to the previous tenant asking to use their business service. We were using their business service. It would seem that the most basic thing a computerized mass mail program could do is cull out duplicate addresses or addresses that already use the service.

So for 2013 I decided to keep them and at the end of the year take a photo of the stack to show how stupid it was. Except about 6 weeks into 2013, it stopped. So that’s the photo I can’t find is my measly 6 envelopes from Comcast business addressed to the previous tenant.

In other news, have you tried this microfleece stuff for your bedding? Mom bought us microfleece sheets for Christmas and it’s so soft and amazing. Every time I get into bed I have to exclaim about how soft and wonderful it is. I’m going to buy some for the bed downstairs, too.

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There are Characters Named: Raleigh, Yancy and Stacker

Bob and I watched Pacific Rim last night after dinner. In terms of pure noise and destruction, it was terrific but in terms of anything else it was lacking in a big way. I couldn’t follow the story. (“Wait, so they’re underwater right now?” or Bob: “They can make these fancy robot-things but they still have regular helicopters?”) I read the wiki this morning and turns out it’s about 10 movies I’ve already seen all mashed together.

The other day I said that I’m just getting back into the habit of going to the library. I’m not sure why I stopped going. I think it was a combination of the library moving to a new location and me trying to be more diligent about reading the books I already have before running out and getting more books.

The part about the new library doesn’t make sense because the new library is gorgeous. The parking situation is slightly more challenging or at least that’s how I perceive it.

It also seemed like I could never find what I was looking for and I’ve been resistant to putting books on hold because then I’m at the mercy of when the book is available rather than when I have the time and inclination to read it. Plus then it feels one more trip I have to make.

The yoga studio recently moved close to the library so that’s my excuse to get back into it.

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Borrow v. Buy

I left the office at 12:35pm and walked through the door just after 2pm. That ride home was miserable. So happy I don’t have to go back out into that. I’ve got my pie started and I’m making cranberry sauce tonight.

Remember last month I mentioned Tina Connolly‘s podcast Toasted Cake?

On one of the podcasts I listened to, she talked about her book buying habits vs. her book borrowing habits. Here are mine.

For the most part, I only buy physical books that I think I’m going to want to share or I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep. I do sometimes buy cheap used paperbacks of books that I want to write in or can leave on vacation or stick in the Friends of the Library bin.

I’ll buy electronic books of publications I want to support but I’m pretty sure I don’t care about a physical copy. Or if it’s something I want to read and it’s cheap.

I’m just getting back in the habit of using the library and that’s a post for later. But I tend to borrow stuff that I’m not sure about, that I want to flip through or only read portions of, or that would just be too much to have around the house. Mostly non-fiction, researchy type stuff, cookbooks. Or fiction I don’t think anyone I share books with would like. Or fiction that’s still in hardcover.

The first book I got from the library since I returned turned out to be really good so I will probably buy a copy for someone for Christmas.

I still have to map out my game plan for tomorrow but it shouldn’t be too tough. (Famous last words). Last year everything went great except I cut a finger right at the end and was trying to do 10 things at once and apply pressure and keep blood out of the food. I’m going to try to avoid that this year.

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So Many Things To Be Grateful For

Well, if the morning commute is any indication, everyone has already gone mad. The world’s most mild mannered bus driver honked twice. I can’t wait until Wednesday.

After the whistle blew on Sunday night and we knew we weren’t in the championship I said to ticket partner, look how much money we just saved. The championship match is in Kansas City.

Since I was coming home late on Sunday, I wanted to get organized so it would be easier to get out the door on Monday and I couldn’t find my bus pass.

I’m usually careful with it but the Thursday trip home I was carrying extra things so I’m not sure what happened. I checked all my pockets and the car and the most logical places.

I also called lost & found.

I’d really like to find it but I’m also relieved they don’t have it because the bus customer service center is at the mall and my favorite place (besides the airport) not to go on Thanksgiving weekend is the mall.

I’m going to guess that it’s gone but maybe I’ll find it behind the washing machine this weekend.

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At some point awhile ago I decided I wanted something to hang my necklaces from.

I looked around on Etsy and bookmarked a few. There were some that weren’t expensive. Maybe $25 but I realized they looked like drawer pulls on little pieces of wood.

“I can do that.”

Months later and about 4 trips to different stores and spending about $15 on supplies I finally finished my own necklace holder.

I showed them.

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Bad Bean

My Twelve days of Christmas with the Rentz Girls ™ isn’t going to be on consecutive days. I’m going to spread it out so you have something to look forward to the entire holiday season.

Here’s one of the things I was going to write about yesterday before the interruptions.

Tip: Bad hummus is really gross. Don’t eat it.

When my poor sweetheart was sick, he had no appetite so we had tons of food in the house and I wasn’t able to eat it all myself. There were some bowls of stuff that lingered.

I made some hummus and I swear it hadn’t been in there that long. I took a giant bite and Holy Satan’s Diaper. It wasn’t immediately gross, but came on exponentially. Now I’m ruined for hummus for a while which is a shame because it’s a handy snack that’s better for me than salt and cracked pepper potato chips.

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I have a situation so I don’t have time for a normal post.

Here’s another sister goofy face and Mom with tiny waist and me in the background. Plus applied Photoshop tutorial.

I originally typed that “tiny waste.” I need to do a post about my lost ability with homonyms. I also find myself mistaking its and it’s on a regular basis.

Haven’t even hit 50 yet and the brain cells are a’shriveling.

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