Softest Bed Ever

I’m finally working on my online Photoshop class again. I think I crossed the halfway point by now and we’re doing fun things and not just learning to adjust the rulers and change the workspace. Today we’re learning all about the layers menu.

We’ve been in our current office for over 5 years now. At least 2-3 times a month we were getting a letter from Comcast addressed to the previous tenant asking to use their business service. We were using their business service. It would seem that the most basic thing a computerized mass mail program could do is cull out duplicate addresses or addresses that already use the service.

So for 2013 I decided to keep them and at the end of the year take a photo of the stack to show how stupid it was. Except about 6 weeks into 2013, it stopped. So that’s the photo I can’t find is my measly 6 envelopes from Comcast business addressed to the previous tenant.

In other news, have you tried this microfleece stuff for your bedding? Mom bought us microfleece sheets for Christmas and it’s so soft and amazing. Every time I get into bed I have to exclaim about how soft and wonderful it is. I’m going to buy some for the bed downstairs, too.

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