The Gratitude Plant

I didn’t want to make any formal declaration that I would post a project photo every day but that’s my aim. It’s not totally realistic because some of my weekdays are endlessly long (like today) so this one is pretty phoned in.

Co-worker gave me the gratitude plant back in March on the day designated for office people to give the people who keep everything running a plant-based gift and take them to lunch. This plant said minimal maintenance which I thought, Yay. I know I present myself like I’m good with plants but actually my skill is picking out plants that are difficult to kill or otherwise ruin.

The gratitude plant sat on my desk for months and pieces of it kept shriveling up and falling off. Was I watering too much or not enough? The directions said 4-6 weeks but I stuck with a straight 4 weeks. I set up a reminder on my calendar and every 4 weeks I get a note that says, “Water Gratitude Plant, Location: lobby chairs.”

I finally went to the plant website and looked it up and it said it needs a lot of sunlight and if anything, err on the side of too little water. That would have been good information to include next to “minimal maintenance.” There are no windows by my desk so I stuck it in colleague’s office for a couple of weeks but more bits shriveled and fell off so I just brought it home yesterday and put it on a very sunny windowsill.

I can hear it yodeling with joy from here.

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