The Garden is Finished

I thought I had a photo of the garden now which is almost all dirt except for some beets that are hanging in there. Apparently I didn’t take that photo or else I put it somewhere and can’t find it.

Note to self: next year fewer beets! It’s not that I like them any less but they seem to make my digestion unhappy so I can’t eat very many.

What the hell with the aging body and all these foods that I like but that no longer like me?

This was in the middle of clean-up stage one. I leave the sunflowers up as long as possible because the birds like them. I think this was the stage where I dug trenches and mixed all the gunk from the compost bin into the soil.

This is the moment when I think: wow, amazing look at all the compost we made from our kitchen scraps. I also think: wow, what an amazing smell. If only it were possible to skip inhaling.

This was stage 2. That stuff piled in the middle I trenched later with the last of the apples. I also dug up a woody thyme plant and some phlox that was infested with annoying grass. More room for vegetables next summer.

That box has all the green tomatoes I picked when I tore the plants out. I was being optimistic. Almost all of them ended up being rotten from the heavy rain we had at the end of September. I would have had a great late crop if not for that.

Pumpkin crop is in. I’ll get a photo this weekend.

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