The Land That Time Forgot

I saved my money from my jobs to buy that receiver. I started babysitting when I was 13 and I worked at Jack-in-the-Box when I was 16.

My Dad took me to the stereo store and I think I got the receiver, a turntable and speakers. I didn’t get the most expensive thing but it cost real money. Not like all the cheap crap there is now. And look, it’s lasted over 30 years.

KMET was the hard rock station that was my favorite. Later it turned into a New Age music station which was a huge tragedy. Do they have “New Age” music anymore?

You know when you go into old people’s houses and they look like they haven’t changed anything for 30 years? And when you’re young you wonder what is wrong with these people. And when you’re old you realize that changing things takes time and energy and if you’re fine with the old things, why change?

That’s how it is at our house. It’s not even the money, although that’s part of it. It’s taking the time to change things. We’d always rather be doing something else.

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