Crafts Time

This is the view from the office window. Not today. Today it is raining sideways. When I was driving in to work at one point it was like a fire hose was blasting me from the side. My car was shaking.

I drove because tonight is my first ever playoff match. I have all my plastic gear with me and I’m going to buy waterproof shoes today to make my feet happy. I’ve lived in the PACNW for over 20 years and I do not own waterproof shoes. I have no idea why.

I started putting my Timbers photos online. I’m only up to July but I took fewer photos in the second half of the season. The iPhone camera is not that great for Timbers. I might have to buy a new camera next season which is turning into an annual tradition.

I’m working on my Thanksgiving menu. I’m probably going to keep it traditional except for spatchocking and I think for dessert I’m going to try a pumpkin bread-pudding recipe. We’ll see.

My Mother-in-law saved me an insert from the newspaper that has a lot of holiday recipes and crafts. I will be taking a closer look at some of the recipes (although not the pumpkin jello bars) but the crafts are ridiculous. It’s like a bunch of people sit around with a giant box of wine and then dare each other to make up something more ridiculous than the next.

“Soften a candle in a low temperature oven and then press shards of broken crockery into it for a lovely centerpiece.”

“Collect giant leaves and cut a square out of the middle and turn it into a clever picture frame.”

“Take plastic bags that you brought home groceries with and scrunch some together and tie with a glittery ribbon to make a stunning flowery thing for the mantle.”

I have an orange candle from last year to use as my centerpiece.

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