Lady Fancy Pants

I have started an online tutorial for an Adobe product at least a half dozen times. This weekend I thought I’d do the Photoshop one and finish it this time. 15 hours. If I did 3 hours a day (I took the day off THU as well) I could do the whole thing.

I am delusional because I worked at it very hard every day and I finished one hour a day. And my poor brain is full. I had to stop to try the various things and I repeated several sections. I enjoyed the work I did but I am a slow learner.

I’m really going to try to finish the entire course this time, ideally before the next version of the software comes out. Wish me luck.

In other news, I thought I’d try to buy some pants online again and met with total failure. I buy almost everything from the same store. I went through everything in my closet and tried it all on, made sure I still like how it fit, checked the size. They were all the same size.

It didn’t feel overly optimistic that I could buy from the website and be successful.

Nope. Three different styles. None fit. Now I’m not sure if I’m going to take the stuff to the store and see if I can find stuff that fits or just send it all back and wear my same old clothes until they disintegrate.

There was a post card in the box from the CEO thanking me for my loyalty and inviting me to share any thoughts I had with her via email. I was not delusional here. I knew there was no way this lady was responding to customer emails but I sent a note anyway begging for consistency in sizing.

The autoresponder thanked me and let me know she forwarded my email to the customer service team. How much you want to bet I get boilerplate instructions on how to return the clothes that didn’t fit.

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