Customer Service Wins

(BTW – the issues with the Good Ship Clusterfukatonia seem to be resolved as of today.)

I’ve had these photos sitting in here in a draft post forever. I was in Reno over a month ago.

I’m disappointed with the iPhone camera. I have a about 500 blurry Timbers photos from this season.

I worked through some of my new Photoshop stuff on these. Where is the miracle filter? I guess I’m not on that lesson yet.

My one story from Reno is when I went through security only one of my shoes came out of the scanner.

I said, “Oh no, I lost a shoe.”

The TSA lady said, “Yep. We’re keeping the other one.”

After a split second I said, “Well, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.”

And the TSA lady cracked up. She said sometimes that joke doesn’t go over big. She gave me my shoe back.

Boy, when summer finished, it didn’t mess around. It was cold and gray and drippy today. I decided to swap over to the flannel sheets and turned my closet over so the sweaters are in the front. It might be too early for that but if I jinxed us in favor of some more warm days, I’m okay with that.

Remember my Internet pants? I returned them all. First, I went to the mall store to ask the best way to handle it and my helper was terrific. She told me it was better to send them back and repurchase online because in the store they would treat it as a return, but then I’d have to pay the prices in the store and lose any discounts from my online order. She also told me that they DID change the cut of the pants and many of their customers were having trouble with the fit.

She recommended that I wear them around the house a bit because they would give and I’d probably find them more comfortable. She was half-right. They did give a bit but I think the style is a bit more snug than I am comfortable with so I returned the whole lot and am going into the cooler season with the same ancient old clothes.

Pendleton has a new updated cut of pants that I haven’t tried yet. Cross your fingers.

Speaking good customer service, I had several amazing customer service experiences with Comcast. Isn’t that an anomaly? Didn’t Comcast get voted the worst company ever by some website?

I had to call for a work related thing and they helped me out. Then I decided to trade my DVR in.

Our cable bill recently went up by $30. I looked in my file and realized I’ve had my DVR for 6 years which I believe means I’ve paid for it 2x. I figured they owed me a new one so I ripped mine out of the wall and went to the new store in Vancouver. It was not terrible.

I still had to wait about 45 minutes but they gave me a new shiny one and a remote that isn’t caked with 6 years worth of ook. I installed it and of course it didn’t work. He told me I might have to call to get it activated so I called and they needed a ton of not-handy information like the serial number which at that point was on the back of the DVR and shoved back in entertainment center. Also there were at least 4 potential serial numbers and all with teeny tiny writing. AARP needs to rally Congress to make a law that nothing can be in teeny tiny writing.

The woman I talked to was overseas and completely charming. When I whooped yay, it’s working, she said she was happy that I was happy.

But then later I had more problems and I had to call again and that person was helpful, too. And she was funny. I’d write out the whole story but, snore!

I keep meaning to write shorter posts more often but can’t seem to manage.

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3 Responses to Customer Service Wins

  1. Kira says:

    I like the long posts. I’ve had good luck with AT&T for the most part. I think Verizon is the absolute worst. I hate them forever.

  2. Marvin says:

    Ha, try going through the security checkpoint with a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, and see if you get them back. 😉 On the flip side, I have a 75 percent success rate in getting large bottles of water through security. I annoy the TSA agents by pulling out the water bottle after it’s gone through the scanner, and drinking from it. They don’t think that’s funny. I do.

  3. Lorelei says:

    I am having a terrible time with Time Warner. I wanted to crawl through the phone and strangle the last a-hole I was forced to talk to. I’m glad you had better luck with Comcast. And I’m glad you’re making progress on your pants issue. And I’m sorry you don’t love your iPhone camera like I love mine.

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