Brief and Wondrous

Remember the 150 bulbs from last year? Notice anything different for this year? Yeah, cheap bastards. I still haven’t put them in the ground yet. Maybe next weekend.

Anyway, I need to take a day off and devote it just to computery things like organizing photos and documents and writing a decent update for this website. I have saved URLs and more photos and notes and stuff that is so out of date that I’m going to post it anyway and you can relive 2013 through a single blog post.

If the government shut down continues for too much longer I may get my wish.

I had grand plans for this morning but I only had 60 pages left in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz and I could not stop reading. I kept thinking: you don’t have time to finish this. But I’d read a few more pages, look at the clock and read a few more pages. This won the Pulitzer in 2008 and because I’m in a rush I’m only going to say that it’s really, really good. Read it.

I am rushing out the door and headed to California to see my family. I’ll be offline for a few days which will look exactly when I’m not offline since I’m now barely posting once a week and I pretty much only tweet on Timbers match days. I did clean out a closet and boxes in the garage last week so it’s not like I’m sitting around painting my toenails all day. I’ve even behind on TV and am already planning on bailing on the new shows I was going to check out.

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  1. Kira says:

    I always like to imagine that you are sitting around painting your toenails all day… 🙂

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