Yummy fruit fly salad dressing

Have you ever seen those tips for getting rid of fruit flies? Apple cider vinegar with a drop of dish soap. Totally works. When I got home yesterday there were tons of flies. 24 hours later, dead flies.

I spend most of this week visiting Kira in Atlanta.

In May, Alaska Airlines announced a direct flight to ATL and if you bought your ticket right then for certain dates, it was only $330 including all the taxes and extras. We went for it. All flights should be direct.

This is today’s haul – my biggest harvest to date. Hard not to think it might be the best harvest of the season. This week the forecast is all mild drizzly weather.

Our ideal time together involves some combination of writing, cooking, baking, eating, and watching girly movies. We were successful at all these things. Also, for some reason, I can sleep at Kira’s house better than any other place I know. I sleep through the night. I sleep in. It’s magical.

Here you can see the tomato split. About a week ago we had a deluge. I think it was about 1.5 inches of rain in 2 days. Tomatoes don’t like that.

Alaska Airlines is a sponsor of the Timbers. If you wear your jersey to the airport you get priority boarding.

When the gate agent started calling for early seating I stood near the podium to make sure she saw me.

It also had this butt rot. I had to compost about 1/3 of today’s harvest due to butt rot.

She called out all the gold people and platinum people and 1000 star people and preferred high flying people. And Timbers fans. I got to get on the plane first!

This is sort-of a joke because I think wanting to get on the plane first is stupid. Especially first class where you sit there with everyone’s butt in your face for a half hour.

But I enjoyed it this time.

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2 Responses to Harvest

  1. Kira says:

    Yay! I’m so glad my house has some magical qualities. Even of this highly specific nature. 🙂 I miss you and wish you were still here! Love!!!!! <3

  2. Lorelei says:

    We have tried the orange juice trick, but it never works so I’m not sure how they call it a trick unless it’s a trick played on the person who thinks it will work.

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