On the Good Ship Clusterfukatonia

Early morning on Bainbridge Island ferry. Perfect way to start the day in Seattle.
Remember the story about the copier at the office?

We’re finally getting our new copier (different company) and it would be difficult to convey how stupid it’s been. I keep insisting to Colleague that we’re being punked.
I don’t have the heart to write the whole story so I’ll just do the today part.
We’ve been going back and forth on the delivery of our machine and we made arrangements to have it delivered today because it was one of the only days this month that both of would be in the office.
The delivery guy came (4.5 hours earlier than the time we’d scheduled) with the machine and when we asked if he was taking the old one he said he could, but then we wouldn’t have a working copier.
Because he was just delivering the machine.

They did not bring in anyone to install it, we were never informed it was a two step process and we had no information when it would be installed.
Naturally we were upset.

Remodeled King Street Station which looks amazing.

That’s always how it’s done, the guy said.
No, that’s not always how it’s done, I told him, when they installed the first machine they had a tech here.

He went off on a long story about how few techs they have and it probably has to do with our sales rep because the company merged with some other companies and on and on with a earful of excuses.
That shouldn’t be our problem, I said.
It’s not your problem, he said,
Colleague and I traded aghast looks at this blockhead so completely missing the point.
Colleague said while we weren’t blaming him individually we were really frustrated with the incompetence of his company.
All companies are incompetent, he told us.
No, I am not making that up. He said that.
If your company response to complaints of incompetence is that all companies are incompetent: you are the grand prize winner of You’re Doing It Wrong.
Meanwhile, our sales rep, who is burning center of our ire, had arranged to come in and train us on the machine. Colleague called to rage at him about when the hell is this tech going to be coming?
He’ll call you, our rep said. Then he asked if we still wanted him to come by to train us on the machine.

I’m zooming out of town tomorrow for a visit with Kira. Colleague is stuck with the problem for now.

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  1. Kira says:

    If anything goes wrong here while you’re visiting just remember….all Kiras are incompetent.

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