Stinky Feet

This one came out of the iPhone after some sort of special effects sweetener. Took both photos from the ferry.

You know how some kinds of old plastic get this smell like stinky feet? We had a Coleman cooler that still worked great but holymotherofstinkbombs. No amount of white vinegar or Athlete’s foot powder did any good and we finally got rid of it.

I have my basil on the windowsill planted in an old plastic pot and it smells like feet. Every time I stand in front of the kitchen sink I smell feet. The basil never took off and looks wilty. I think the potting soil keeps it too damp. I need to grind it up with some garlic and pine nuts so we can all feel better about its place in the world.

This is the Clink, home of the Seattle Sounders and Seahawks. I’ll let them duke it out who gets top billing.

I’m so far behind on my stories. I keep finding more notes with something that I want to post about.

Last weekend we were in Seattle and if you’d never been there before and that was your only visit you’d be convinced the place is magical. Perfect weather. Clear skies. We took the ferry to Bainbridge Island and it was amazing. Had terrific meals and ate them all outside. Visited with friends we don’t get to spend a lot of time with. Great museums. We went to the Flying Heritage museum and I told the docent, “This is the coolest place I didn’t know I wanted to see.” Yet another thing my sweetheart dragged me to that I never would have discovered on my own.

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