Spoke of a Wheel, Tip of a Spoon

Toes ran over to say Hi when I went out to take pictures.

So what the hell has been going on with me? I have had the most amazingly busy past 6 weeks. I think the entire time there were 3 days when I didn’t either have a late night after work or have company or some other event or activity going on. Or I was out of town.

It was all great stuff and great people just too much packed all together. I normally won’t do so many weeknight things but they were all things I didn’t want to miss.

And now I will tell you about one of these events: Patti Smith at the Crystal Ballroom. I have seen Patti a bunch of times. For example: 2001, 2005, 2007, and 2010 and think she’s terrific.

And she was. But I did not enjoy the show even a tiny bit.

At this point in my life, I very rarely enjoy going to see live music. I don’t enjoy standing in a crowd for a show, jockeying for a view. I don’t like to stay out late on weeknights. (I get up at 5:30am to catch a 6:30am bus; I need a really good reason to stay out past 9:30pm.)

After this show I told Bob: never again. Don’t even ask. Here’s how serious I am: not even for Paul Westerberg.

But here’s the part of the evening that pushed me over the edge: these two little brats pushed up behind me and then would not stop talking.

“Can you see?”
“No, can you?”
“That’s too bad. I thought maybe we could see.”
“Yeah, it’s not fair.”

And so on and on and on.

Hard cheese little girls. (I’d estimate their ages to be 21 years, 5 minutes). When you’re short and you stand in a crowd you can’t see. I’ve been going to shows for longer than you’ve been alive. That’s how it works. There are at least 30 feet of taller people between me and the stage. What is whining in my ear going to accomplish?

I finally suggested to them, that not only could I not see, now I couldn’t hear.

Well, they showed me because for the next half hour they let me know in great detail, their feelings about me. Keep in mind I never said another word to them.

To summarize their grievances:

I was unsympathetic because I am tall. (People, the only reason I can still pass for 5’4″ is because I have incredible posture.)

I should just leave if I’m uncomfortable

I was probably too old to do things like that.

And the capper: Patti would be disappointed with me.

Because clearly, I was the bad guy here.

They finally got bored and left but I was never able to enjoy the show.

(Edited to add: To be honest, I probably would do it for Paul Westerberg. But ONLY Paul Westerberg.)

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