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How to Want What You Have

MY CHOICES FOR 2001: (cont.)

Books: Another year where I didn't read one thing that I thought stopped the world. Help, I need a great book! Philip Pullman's third book, The Amber Spyglass, finally came out which I liked but I thought he had a little too much going and had a rough time reeling it all in. I liked Helen DeWitt, The Last Samurai, somebody taking a risk with narrative and it works. I enjoyed Amy Tan, The Bonesetters Daughter and Douglas Coupland, All Families Are Psychotic. Oddly, I think one of the best books I read was: Invisible Writer: Joyce Carol Oates by Greg Johnson and I'm not sure I can articulate why I was unable to put this tome down.

Telling Stories

TV: I have officially given up on XFiles. Yay, a whole hour added to my life every week. Still sticking with: Friends, Ebert & Roeper and Simpsons. My new shows are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel AND Roswell. You might wonder how someone like me managed to add 3 new ONE HOUR shows to my life and I'm telling you I'm asking myself the same thing. But I can tell you, Buffy is the best show ever and if you are going to add one hour of TV to your life, I suggest you do it right here.

Other highlights: Douglas Coupland at Powell's - I love him. Ray Charles at the Schnitz. Patti Smith at the Pier in Seattle -- amazing. U2 at the Rose Garden -- best show I've seen in my life. Timbers at PGE Park -- Thursday is $1 beer night! Trailblazers at Rose Garden for Halloween -- my first NBA game. Biggest highlight: having Happy Hour with Benicio del Toro ("BdT") at the RiverPlace Hotel Bar. Seriously, it was totally him. Okay, technically he was sitting one table over -- but he was facing us and chatting and nodding (okay - into his cellphone) but seriously, I totally think he was checking me out. HA HA HA HA, I'm one up on Caroline Rhea.

Happy Holidaze everyone.

Love you, Pamela

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PHOTOGRAPH: Uncle Left telling me stories. Photographer: Aileen

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