Volume 1, Issue 1, Premiere!!

You can take the girl out of the valley,
but you can't take the valley out of the girl.

Dear ________:

I hope you're not totally horrified at the impersonal way this letter is being sent to you. Serve me right if at least a dozen copies are delivered, registered mail to Miss Manners. But I know if I don't spread the news this way, I'll probably never got around to it at all. I'm just trying to be practical.

Readers Digest Condensed Version of my life the past few months: On June 6 and 7 I took my finals in the UCLA extension Attorney Training Program. (resume available upon request.) Graduation was on June 12 but I didn't' go. After 8th grade, high school, and UCSB, I've had all the graduation I can stomach for this lifetime. If I'm ever seized by hysteria and decide to go to law school or something, I'll book a graduation then.

After an ill-fated attempt to move to Santa Rose, I've decided (and those in the know, can't keep up with my decisions) to move in with my college friend Collette and here I am in the exciting and fun-packed town of Elk Grove. I haven't seen an Elk yet but I've seen Elkhorn, Elk Way, Elk Meadow, Elk Highway, Elk & Pita Hut and the first day I was here I met someone who had just eaten Elk. I have also seen a lot of cows.

Please send your cards, letters, recipes, chain letters, and junk mail to me at: [omitted for security reasons.]

Now my plans consist mainly of finding a job and trying to "get my life organized" again. I'm not living with Brian anymore, just in case the above scenario left some doubts in your mind.

I hope to resume my regular letter writing habits immediately. But if you write first, I will like, "fer sure", write back. Thanks for being on my mailing list.

Very, very, sincerely.

Pamela Diane Rentz
Elk Grove Citizen.

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