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He who trembles, is not bored

December 6, 1996

Happy Holidays. How’s it going out there? I had a tough time coming up with stories for the newsletter this year. Surprising in light of all the things that happened. But since I put up my web page in April, I usually put my stories there and I hate to duplicate. So this year I'm going to tell some new news and then tell a few old stories. If you've never visited my page before you can find some old stuff on the stories page.

Girl Cuz


It's true. I got married. However my name is still Pamela Diane Rentz. This might cause some headaches for folks who keep orderly address books. (I am not one of these people.) Your best option would be to keep me under R for Rentz or P for Pam, if you do it that way, and I do put people under their first names. One great example of my efficient system is I put all the Moreheads (family) on 1 rolodex card under M even the married cousins with different last names except for Jennifer who I put under J and then I added Ted, who is a family friend, to Jennifer's card. Don't ask me how this system evolved. You can add Bob Hughes next to my name and then make another entry under Hughes, Bob and write: see Rentz. This is how I would do it.


Planning and participating in a wedding is one of the most grueling tasks a person can undertake. Thank God you only have to do it once. Our wonderful capitalist system has given birth to this wedding machine that wants to devour as much of your bank account as possible and provide you with the most generic, predictable experience possible. We managed to avoid most this by doing things ourselves. Like the music. How many brides get to bop down the aisle to a bossa nova beat? It was a good party and everyone is happy and that's all I have to say about that.

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PHOTO: Lisa, Kathy, BG, Erin, Me, Jenny at Aunt Aileen's 50th Bday celebration. PHOTO: Aileen

Posted: 4.18.99