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"If You're Going to Make Pie Crust, You Have to Be Fearless."

December 13, 2000

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Welcome to Pam Newsletter X. Ten issues, can you believe it?

So was Y2K biggest hoax of the century? And if so, which one? Oh yeah, I'm one of those people who believes the millennium starts on Jan 1, 01 -- so my big day is coming up here pretty quick. Watch out.

This is the online edition (doh!) of the newsletter. If you want a copy of the paper edition, let me know

I now have all ten issues online so if you find yourself with nothing better to do you can check them out. I admit, I cringed posting some of those newsletters.

I've been noodling around with this newsletter for the past two weeks and the two main themes I've come up with for this year are food and air travel. Ironic since I don't like to eat when I'm flying.

Poor Little Dead Cow


Are you sitting down? I ate my first hamburger (at Produce Row) in 12 years this year and I'd do it again. I ate beef one other time this summer but it was a tri-tip and I only ate 3 bites. I was vegetarian for 10 years and would characterize myself as strict but not militant. When I was veg and heard about vegs who converted back to meat eating, I could never understand how they could do it. Now that I've been reprogrammed I can't understand why I was so single-minded about veg eating.

Basically I reintroduced a small amount of meat into my diet a couple of years ago because I felt cold all the time. Winter -- cold. Summer -- air conditioning -- cold. I also had low energy and it seemed like I got sick more often. So I started eating chicken (free range of course) and fish (caught by really nice fishermen who pet the fish before they kill them -- it costs more, but I'm worth it), maybe once a week and in small amounts. This remains the bulk of my meat eating program. You're not going to catch me eating a Big Mac and I have zero interest in anything that comes from a pig. I was greatly influenced by this book by Marc David called Nourishing Wisdom and excuse this drama queen moment but it totally changed my mind. I won't go into the whole thing here but my new philosophy is, if it makes you feel yucky, don't eat it and if it looks good, try some.

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PHOTOGRAPH: Me and my hamburger. Photographer: Billy Barquin.

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Posted: 12.13.00