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How to Want What You Have

December 1, 2001

Happy Holidays. Here we go again.

I'm finally domained and update at least 1-2 times a week so please visit regularly, or at least once.

I went through all my pictures and events for the past year and I am hurting for things to write about. Could this mean an end to the Newsletters? I thought about doing a theme, like pictures of all my hair styles through the years, but I didn't think it would amuse anyone else nearly as much as it would me. So I'm scrounging for some stories here. If all else fails, I'll use a really big font.

The main story in this edition is dedicated to my sweetheart and is called: EVERYTHING GOES BACK TO CHEESE.

Karaoke Queens

This story is about how everything is connected. For Thanksgiving we went to Orleans and for the first time in the history of my driving around this part of the world during the wintry months, we completely ignored the forecast meaning we never even checked. Friday after Thanksgiving was dry but Saturday, the day we left, we woke up to pouring rain. We loaded the car in pouring rain and took off down Highway 96 headed towards Interstate 5.

We could see snow in the trees in the mountain tops and the closer we got to Happy Camp, the lower the snow fell. Shortly before we got into Happy Camp a fresh slide blocked the road. There was a tow truck on the other side and we all got out and moved rocks until we cleared a space big enough to get by. The tow truck driver said he was headed to Eureka. I figured he'd probably have work to do before he got that far. By the time we stopped in Happy Camp to top off the tank, it was snowing. It snowed, very wet but very heavy, all the way to the Collier rest stop at the I5/96 junction.

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PHOTOGRAPH: SB Gang in San Diego: (Clockwise from top left - Antje, Collette, Cherie, half my head, Walker, Margo, Sherwood, Sacco, Alicia. Photographer: auto-cam.

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