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40 is the New 30

December 16, 2003

Happy Holidaze.

Every year before I start, I like to go back and read all the previous newsletters. I can't believe there are so many. (I actually only went back to 1998 this year, that took long enough.) It's amazing how much stuff accumulates just by staying alive.

When I was a senior in college some people put an ad in the newspaper that said, "Ten years from now are you going to remember the grade you got on your econ final or the fun you had with your friends?" Even though I didn't have an econ final, I knew they were right. It's been way more than 10 years but I don't remember any of my grades and I remember lots of fun times with my friends. Re-write that ad and replace "the grade you got on your econ final" with all the pointless things you worry about. Then go out and have fun. That's what we're doing.


For a little more than a year now, I've been making writing a big priority like taking classes, and going to meetings and conferences and spending weekends chained to my not-ergonomically set up computer. In making one thing a priority I've neglected a lot of other things I thought were important: an organized sock drawer, a weedless driveway, a healthy neck and shoulders. It's an odd endeavor because it's endless time alone, sometimes with little to show for it, which is perfectly satisfying for me but so far my output hasn't exactly set the world on fire. That part isn't critical because I love doing it. Like tennis, you don't have to win Wimbledon to enjoy playing, but some outside validation would be nice. They say you have to be persistent, but they never say for how long.

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PHOTOGRAPH: Seahawk stadium going to see Man U v. Glasgow Celtic. PHOTOGRAPHER: Bob

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