We went to see Patti Smith at Powell’s this afternoon.

I have to admit I was a wee bit concerned what it was going to be like going downtown on a Saturday afternoon, especially Powell’s. We got an early start and parked in an out of the way lot arrived in the designated spot before they had even set up chairs.

We went about the business of looking at books and when the chairs were set up, snagged a couple right up front. The event wasn’t a crazy as I imagined but then, I have an over-active imagination particularly when it comes to potentially crowded events. But the room was full and Patti’s crowd is quite a range. A lot of hipsters dressed in all black with fancy eyewear and spiky hair. But lots of middle aged dorky people like us, a few brought their kids. There was a nice camaraderie while waiting.

Patti was there to read from a new book of poems that’s just out. She was wonderful as always. I’m having trouble articulating a quick summary that captures her. She’s one of those incredibly talented, sharp and arty people who manages to also come across as someone that you’d feel perfectly at ease with having coffee or hiking through the hills.

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