Best Dinner Ever, So Far

This is the best pumpkin I’ve got right now. One of two. The rest of the vines are going crazy with blossoms but I don’t see any pumpkins forming. The one in the photo is bigger than a softball but smaller than a soccer ball. I can’t think of a ball that it’s the size of.

The cucumber vines are going crazy with little cucumbers. In a couple of weeks I will be weeping about the over-abundance of cucumbers I have. I can’t wait.

I realized this afternoon that I haven’t made ice cream once this summer. Probably because it was only hot for about 5 days. I might make some next weekend just so I can say that I did. I have a lemon buttermilk recipe that’s delicious. I can’t the proper link right now.

I’ve taken a half dozen photos of this particular dahlia trying to capture the amazing color. This photo isn’t doing it either. The flowers are an amazing deep purple color with smoke on the water overtones.

My cooking magazine had a two page spread on “fool proof” pie dough.

Making pie dough is like trying to lose weight. You think every “fool proof” article is going to have the answer but after all is said and done, you have to do it right or it doesn’t work. This article didn’t have anything I haven’t heard before and the “trouble-shooting” section didn’t include any of my troubles.

“My pie dough is like sand no matter how carefully I measure everything and think good thoughts.”

My new dinner-plate dahlias are finally blooming. I don’t usually love the ones that look manufactured — but these are bigger than my head. It’s tough not to be impressed.

I’m working on the home projects. I’m fixing the wall in the shop so I can re-hang the shelf that fell down. It’s been really nice to hang out with my putty knife again. I wish all of life’s problems could be fixed with putty and a little sanding.

I bought some titanium anchor-tanker toggle whatsits that are supposed hold elephants if you use them to bolt your shelf to the wall. I think our wall is made of toilet paper and spit so it probably won’t work but I’m going to try anyway.

The big news is our amazing dinner we made tonight:

We grilled corn using Mark Bittman’s tips and couldn’t believe we’d never had such delicious corn before.

The other score was the Berriyaki Sauce we discovered at the market this morning. We were doing the rounds figuring out what we wanted to buy when Bob stopped at the River Wave Foods which we’d never been to before. She explained their products including this yummy sauce perfect for brushing on grilled salmon: our menu plan for tonight. We bought a jar.

It was so delicious it should have its own national holiday. Not too sweet, not too salty. Really amazing. I know what people are getting for xmas this year.

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  1. AEJ says:

    Beautiful flower pics! You and Marvin must be competing.

    Your place must have been really affordable if the walls are made of only toilet paper and spit. You can’t underestimate the strength of toilet paper and spit, though. When I was a kid we used to wet toilet paper “balls” and throw them up on the ceiling of our school’s bathroom. They stuck every time.

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