Fennel Is Produce, Fusilli is Pasta

A View of My Room

I just got home from Home Depot. Now I know what a man feels like when you send him to the grocery store for fennel and fusilli.

As I have written before, we have never done any home improvements and my best idea for a reason why is that we don’t want to.

Recently I’ve been on this crafts thing. I want to make everything. I have zillions of ideas for cool things to make and how to decorate myself and my surroundings more creatively. I would make a list of the crafts but it’s pretty much everything except ceramics. And soap carving. And macrame. But pretty much everything else.

So far I’ve been big on looking at books and websites and looking for classes. The only class I signed up for so far, sewing, was canceled in winter and not offered in spring so I’ve been meaning to go to the sewing store and just buy a bunch of stuff and try to make something see how I do. I’ve bought a few crafty things but I don’t have a good storage area so I had this idea that I would make over my closet with shelves.

Then I realized if I was going to do that I should at least paint the closet first. Then I realized if I was going to paint the closet, I should probably paint my whole room and now it’s turned into a Home Improvement Project.

I broke it down into small parts to keep from getting overwhelmed. I’m going to need to patch drywall. There are nail holes and some scuffs and one good sized hole the previous owners used for a cable. And there’s a large hole from what we will call, a situation.

Ewok Likes Home Repair Who Put Their Foot in the Wall?

I also need to remove wallpaper, figure out what the hell is wrong with this leaky window and fix windowsill and pull up carpet in closet and put something else in there. Then I can get started on the painting part. But I figure once I get my feet wet I’ll be inspired to do other projects around the house.

This weekend was the planned drywall fix weekend and I did my homework which involved looking at 3 different online tutorials and making a list of things I would need. Then I went to the store and looked at all the stuff and got psyched out and left empty handed. My next step was to consult with my next door neighbor and my Dad and this morning went to Home Depot (because we had a gift card there.)

I had to call Dad once from the store, but look at all the swell loot I got:
Home Despot Comes Through At Last

I didn’t get it in the picture but a very nice man named DW “found” me some drywall scraps. He asked me a few questions and quickly figured out that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing so he very helpfully made me two (2) scraps so if I screw up one, I have another chance.

A Girl's First Putty Knife

My First Putty Knife

Now I have all my stuff home and spread out on the floor. It’s more fun documenting this than actually trying to do the work. I guess I’ll try the small hole first and see how I do.

Stay tuned for updates.

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