Don’t Do It The Way I Do It

Molded Foods! Turns out these little things are refreshing and not too sweet. Another 20 servings remain! Probably not my favorite dessert but I would try it again. Especially since I still have an extra box of lime Jello from when I had my colonoscopy. Why didn’t we use the cranberry Jello we already had? You can’t eat red or purple things before a colonoscopy. That’s today’s public service announcement.

I feel like I need to set an entire day aside just for fixing things. There are so many chores around here. I need to clean out the shop and try to put a shelf back up. Did I write about that earlier? I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to look it up. This shelf that held a ton of stuff fell down. I’m sure the two are not related. And I need to fix the window shade in my room and fix the window sill that’s all warped paint from before when the window was leaky.

I always think I’m going to do those things but end up writing all day or doing writing related stuff and then never getting around to it.

But I hate to set a day aside because remember the home improvement project? I won’t get everything done and then I’ll be frustrated that I wasted a whole day and still had stupid projects that weren’t done.

I bought peaches to make a pie but they’re too hard for pie making. Now they’re going to be ready on Wednesday and while it’s within the realm of possibility for me to make a pie on a weeknight, it’s really not my favorite project to tackle.

This happens to me with pears, too. I buy them for a recipe I would be willing to try on the weekend but they’re not ready. And when they are ready I’m too busy and then the following weekend they are mush.

When we moved out of our apartment because we bought a house, I took it upon myself to dig up some of the iris at the apartment. No one paid any attention to them and there were plenty there.

I planted them in our backyard and the patch has spread but lately has been looking pretty pathetic. I’ve helpfully outlined it for you in yellow but when I cropped the photo sort-of ruined it. There are some bare patches and it’s tough to weed. Some were growing under the water feature (means=old stinky birdbath) and the rhodie.

I remember I dug some several years ago and started a new patch across the yard. I decided to go ahead and dig the whole patch up, thin it out, condense it and amend the soil a bit.

What was I thinking. See that tiny bit that’s dug up? That took an hour and I was completely bored after 20 minutes. It’s terrible dirty work. And now I have this giant mound of bulbs that I just threw in the shade. I can’t remember what the wiki said but I don’t think you’re supposed to let them sit around for a week which is what I’m doing because I am out of time for this weekend.

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5 Responses to Don’t Do It The Way I Do It

  1. AEJ says:

    When you’re finished with all your projects can you please come paint my front porch? Thanks. 🙂

    The little dessert looks too cute to eat.

  2. Marvin says:

    Back when I lived in Denver, the soil there is hard as a rock (all clay). Now that I’m in FL, the soil here is all sand (super-soft). I much prefer gardening here than there.

  3. Keetha says:

    Reporting back in – the bourbon salmon last night was really good and easy! I’ll post it this week.

    What are your salmon secrets?

  4. angelawd says:

    I think irises are usually pretty tough and will stand some abuse, like lying around with their tubers exposed. I can’t tell for sure from your picture but the soil looks kind of sandy. Maybe some soil amendment will help. Otherwise you could just throw them out and plant a nice patch of hardy ground-cover. Creeping sedum is low-maintenance!

    I love your dessert mold. I would have no patience for that amount of decorative food.

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