Big A** Sandwiches

This week I decided to try a new thing for lunch every day.

On Monday I had a grilled vegetable sandwich.

On Tuesday I had Korean Twist tacos.

Today I had a big a** sandwich.

Menu: Big A** Sandwiches

Since I started writing this post I lost the ability to spell sandwich. Everything looks wrong. Sanwich? Sandwiche?

When we ordered we were warned that a “handful” of fries would be on the actual sandwich.

We were also advised to “eat like a burrito, if you try to unwrap it, it will just explode everywhere.”

We had to unwrap it and then re-wrap like a burrito.

I got the roast turkey and I ate half and then faded. I wrapped in plastic and put in the work fridge. I’m not sure how good a cold turkey and fries sandwich is going to be tomorrow plus it will ruin my vow to try something new every day. But I’m also thrifty and I can’t bear to throw away a half ton of roast turkey on a cibatta with fries actually on the sandwich.

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3 Responses to Big A** Sandwiches

  1. AEJ says:

    It looks, um, healthy. Yeah, healthy. 😉

  2. Keetha says:

    Thanks a lot. Now I’m starving for a big a** sandwich.


  3. Ballard Avenue says:

    Too many of these and you’ll have a big a** yourself.

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