Cats Don’t Listen

This is Toes. I couldn’t get a good picture of his feet but he has 6 toes on each foot. He’s the new next door cat and he likes to hang out in our yard. He’s very friendly and I like him a lot except he poops in my yard, even when I’m standing right there yelling: Hey! Do I poop in your yard?

There’s a hazelnut tree between the two houses and at this time of year there is a frenzy of squirrel activity. They are so excited about hazelnuts that they have zero fear of me which really freaks me out. I’ll be standing on the deck adjusting the hose and one will tiptoe by with a giant wad of hazelnuts in his mouth.

I watched Toes and a squirrel nose to nose. Toes stared at the squirrel and the squirrel fearlessly gnawed on his hazelnuts. “Eat him,” I shouted. I don’t like squirrels.

Toes’ owner told me that Toes had tangled with a squirrel before and the teeth and claws convinced him to have more peaceful ways.

My Romas. You think anything will be ready before summer ends?

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4 Responses to Cats Don’t Listen

  1. AEJ says:

    We had a ‘cutest pet’ contest at work yesterday. Toes would have been a contender.

    Maybe you can make some salsa with your Romas.

  2. Ballard Avenue says:

    We had a neighbor cat with six toes. The Latin scholar amongst us named him “Sextus.” He might have had more toes than normal, but Sextus was a bit light between the ears, I’m afraid. He wandered through the basement back door one day while I was puttering about the yard. I, of course, didn’t know this until much later that night when I heard something scratching about the basement stairs. Sextus was trapped in the basement and was getting mighty hungry.

    But Sextus was also mighty flighty and I couldn’t find him amongst the flotsam and jetsam that basements collect. The poor lad spent another day down there until I was able to corral and send him out the door.

  3. Keetha says:

    Now you’re just rubbing it in. You have a hazelnut tree in your neighborhood.

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