Delivered: Nice Day

 Last week I had drafted a joke post where I ordered up a sunny and 50 degree day on the weekend from Mother Nature so I could enjoy some time digging outside. Mother Nature responded by mocking me for asking. I never posted it.

This morning I woke up to rain clicking against the window but it all went away and by afternoon I saw bright sunlight coming from the window. Of course by that point, I had finally reeled my butt in and was focused on writing and related. I looked out the window and thought, “I don’t feel like going outside right now.” But it’s February. And it’s sunny. And it’s 50 degrees. What kind of moron wouldn’t go outside? (Aside to You-Know-Who: well, other than you.)

I had a wonderful couple of hours, whacking back the roses (the photo is from last year and from a neighbor’s house) and pulling out dead stuff.

Now I’m back in and trying to get focused on the writing and related and not interested. I’m going to do my 500 words and start dinner and later I’m going to watch some shows. The only Friday show I’ve seen so far is Dollhouse and first impression: disappointing but it has potential. I liked the part where Helo had his shirt off.

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