The Wrap Up

When I was checking out at Trader Joe’s the guy made fun of me buying this healthy cereal. “I’m sure it will be great,” he said sarcastically. Turns out, it’s Sugar Smacks only with some flax thrown in. So it’s like the cereal of our youth cleverly packaged so we can enjoy it as adults. Bob has already finished most of the box.

* * *

This day has been wonky so far. I did FINALLY finish a book.. But as per always I can’t seem to get organized and I had some unexpected distractions today that I’d rather not go into. Tomorrow will be magical.

* * *

I love Demetri Martin’s new show. I’ve got Dollhouse and Sarah Connor waiting on the DVR for after dinner.

* * *

Way back in the early days of the Internet I used to go through phases where I would compulsively subscribe to mailing lists and Usenet groups. My thinking would be I could scan through lots of things and find things I liked. Then I would get completely overwhelmed because I can’t delete things I haven’t looked at. That would be wrong. So eventually I would cut back to just one or two things I wanted to keep up with (e.g. or whatever it was called) and dump all the rest.

I am continuing this pattern with GoogleReader. I will subscribe to anything for at least 24 hours. At one point I subscribed to about 20 news sources and another 20 science sources. Plus any oddball sites that seemed promising. I subscribe to any blog if I know the person or strangers if I read two good posts in a row. Or anyone who leaves me comments. I’ve subscribed to Flickr feeds, Twitter feeds, comment feeds.

And then I get overwhelmed because I can’t stop logging in to GR and making sure it says All Items (0). Damn inner overachiever, goodie-two-shoes, OCD dorkwad.

Last week I finally went through and vigorously pruned the list. And I’ve pruned in the past. I had several subscriptions that hugely overlapped and it would get annoying seeing the same link to a youtube clip of a hamster juggling pancakes to the Darth Vader theme over and over. Honestly, 99% of the youtube clips embedded on websites are a total waste of time. People that I know and trust say: “Funniest thing I’ve ever seen,” and I can’t help it. I click and I last 12 seconds.

I am stepping away from the computer. I’m making Bob some beef for dinner with chocolate for dessert. That’s how we do Valentine’s Day at our house.

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