World Of Goo

I did something I haven’t done in eons and I bought a computer game over the weekend. It’s called World Of Goo. I decided to get based on this review and viewing a demo. As has been well documented here, I’m not looking for any more things to waste time on the computer, but every once in awhile I think it’s a good idea to break out of my fortress of no distractions and try something new.

I’m not sorry. It has cute music and graphics and I had a great time figuring out the first two levels. That’s right, I’m already stuck after 15 minutes of play. Only about 85 more levels to go. I really don’t understand what’s happening but I drag and click on the goo balls until they make that squealing-laugh sound like either Jawas or Ewoks. I think I unlocked another window where I could buy something. I’m not sure.


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