2007 Holiday Newsletter is Ready

I actually finished it at the beginning of the week and I still haven’t sent out the word. I made paper copies and they sit in a folder on my desk. I’m chipping away at it. No holiday freaking out here. I’ll jet off the URL to my email address book and get the mail ones out tomorrow night.

You can find the online version of the latest holiday newsletter here.

Yesterday I was at the bookstore picking up a couple of last minute things and I found about 5 things I wanted for myself. I wonder how many people end up buying stuff for themselves during the holiday shopping frenzy. I always find lots of things I want.

I resisted the urge yesterday, barely, because I already have a ton of books to read and since books are my favorite gift to receive it would be dumb to buy something that might appear next week wrapped in green Santa paper.

I need to do a quick inventory on my holiday booty and see if I have any last minute errands. I think it’s all under control. I have a some wrapping to do and one gift thing that’s a small project that I need to do. But I’m ready. Bring it on.

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