Erin, Luna and Mom: Salmon Summit Trail

(Click on photos for a larger version.)

Geena, Lillian and Luis on a wild wagon ride.

Photo Credit: Aunt Aileen who says Jennifer took it.

Josa watches Bob nap.

Banner shot is the Interstate Bridge over the Columbia River.

December 16, 2007

Happy Holidays.

Yes, I'm still doing this. Someday I'll stop. Maybe.

Maybe I'll do this forever. Even from the grave. Transmit all the latest news from "the other side."

Life just keeps moving forward and we're helpless to stop it. I plant pumpkin seeds in the spring which grow into little plants that I put in the ground and watch sprout and grow pumpkins all summer. I harvest in Fall and then chop those babies up and eat them in winter. Cycle of life.

I worry about saving enough money for retirement and then, what if medical advances allow me to live to be 110? I'll have to work until I'm 85. But then age discrimination means I won't be able to get a job except for greeting people at Wal-Mart or bagging French fries at McDonalds and that doesn't sound much better than pushing up daisies. I wake up in the middle of the night, fretting. Then I realize the lack of sleep will cut back on my lifespan and perhaps this won't be a problem. Then I can sleep again.

We had a wide variety of fun adventures this year including enjoying the live sounds of Merle Haggard (Bob's pick), my sweetheart's fiftieth (the Bobtacular half-century-palooza) which featured our first visit to New York City and night with the Allman Brothers. (Meaning, we watched them play. We didn't not spend the night with the Allman Brothers.) We had a big family party/wedding in Reno where the sun was shining. I took a baking class and pie making class and failed the take-home finals of both. Don't tell my teacher, he was really nice and cute. We went to Orleans (me, twice) and ate tomatoes, cucumbers and corn. We're still uninspired homeowners meaning we still have the same "this will do fine for now" furniture and half-dead lawn we had when we moved in. Oh well. We can't be good at everything. The furnace is on its last legs so maybe we'll be inspired.

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