Clonk Clonk Bang Bang

I’ve mentioned that a new office building is going in on the block next to ours. Right now is the phase where huge steel beams two stories high are pounded into the ground around the perimeter. (I’m not a construction or engineering specialist and they might not be steel, beams or two stories high, I’m just explaining what it looks like from a non-pro point of view.)

This operation is happening on the opposite side of the building from my office and the noise is still unbearable. There is a machine that sounds like a giant pressure washer or a jackhammer of the gods sound that sometimes will vibrate the spoon in your coffee cup. Then there’s another device that sounds like: “swish clonk, swish clonk.” This goes on for maybe a half-hour at a time and then stops for a few minutes then starts up again from the time I come in the door in the morning. I don’t notice what time it stops in the afternoon because by then my brain is leaking out my ears. If you are standing outside the building you can’t hear a conversation with a person next to you.

How long does it take to build an office building? I have a sense this is just the beginning.

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