Here’s A Dollar, Buy Yourself A Clue

Several weeks ago the yoga studio decided to lock the door while class was in session because there was too much noise from people going in and out, using the restroom, talking and basically being inconsiderate while class is going on. I was very unhappy with that idea because the way my schedule works I’m always there early and it’s a nice, quiet place for me to wind down from the work day. When the weather is nice, there is no problem waiting outside but now it’s cold and dark and usually raining.

The locked door policy didn’t last long but now I feel some responsibility for keeping people quiet while the class before mine is in session.

Last night two elder ladies walked in. One was really ancient and slow moving and her entire vocabulary at this point in life, probably consists of, “Oh my.” The other was a stout, poker-faced lady carrying a Christmas present and not even holding the door or helping the ancient one. They came blustering into the wait area of the studio last night talking away and heading straight into the area where class was going on.

“Shh! There’s a class going on,” I whispered and motioned for them to be quiet. Grump face continued obliviously on her way. I don’t know why I didn’t clue-in that they weren’t there for yoga. I thought maybe they were friends with the teacher and bringing her a gift. I said, “Shh!” again and the lady looks at me and says, “Why?” So I repeated that there was a class going on and she says, still in normal speaking voice, “Oh. We’re in the wrong place,” and she crashes back out of there. They were going to the restaurant next door. I mean, that’s understandable, right? Mistaking a yoga studio for a restaurant.

I really wanted to be un-Christmas-y and yell, “Dumbass!” at them when they left. But there was a class going on and I was trying to be considerate.

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