The Xmas Overlord

I first titled this the Xmas Overload — but every time I looked at it I saw “overlord” and it seemed funny, so I changed it.

I knew I wanted a yoga class today and I decided that driving to downtown Portland on the Friday before Xmas at rush hour was stupid so I did a drop-in class at a studio I’ve never been to before this morning in Vancouver. It was fabulous. Exactly what I needed. Very focused on calming and centering.

Then I went to the bank, ran by Safeway for one critical item I needed and then stopped to top off the gas tank and arrived back home at noon, relieved that I was done with my errands for the day and could focus on my cooking project, wrapping, laundry, packing and so forth.

I went to start my cooking project and hey, I didn’t have the item I bought at Safeway. I went to the market. Stood in line. Paid for my one thing. And then walked out of the store without it.

Yes. I did that.

So I had to get back in the car but as it turned out, not a total loss because when I arrived home (the first time) there was a message from my Mom asking me if I could pick up something at the store and as the message played I was thinking, “Not likely.” So I returned to Safeway, proudly admitting that, I was the woman who came into the store for one item and left without it. (Yes, they were expecting me.) I got my Mom stuff and then I returned home at last.

I have some nice photos on the camera that I was hoping to download for today’s post, but no. This is it. This is your Merry Christmas and good-bye post. I will be offline for several days. There is internet where I’m going but I prefer to retire from all computing while I’m there and read my books and look at recipes and hang out with family. Also, there are some weather issues along our way so think good thoughts for us for safe and trouble-free travel. I have fresh camera batteries, in case, to document everything, either way.

I wish you all the best possible Christmas ever. So far.

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